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Full stack, custom software development that unlocks the true potential of your enterprise solutions.
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Are you seeking to optimize your technology resources? Look no further. Rocket Partners specializes in providing managed software services, custom solutions, and project management for industries such as retail, finance, insurance, transportation, healthcare, and media.

Our dedicated team, your competitive advantage
At Rocket Partners, we understand the challenges faced by enterprises dealing with large, cumbersome software solutions. Our team of specialized experts is here to revolutionize your business and overcome the innovation barriers holding you back. With our talent, experience, and dedication, we ensure that your existing solutions are enhanced to their fullest potential, empowering your business for future success.
Experience the Power of Data and Expertise
We believe that data and experience are key drivers of success. Our solutions are built on a foundation of deep industry knowledge and leading-edge technologies. By leveraging the power of data analytics and strategic insights, we unlock hidden opportunities, streamline operations, and drive revenue growth. Our clients have witnessed firsthand the immediate impact of our solutions, propelling their businesses to new heights.
Revitalize Your Established Solution with Rocket Partners
Partner with Rocket Partners and experience a new level of innovation. Our commitment to delivering excellence means that you can trust us to revitalize your established solution, empowering you to stay ahead of the competition. Our reliable, customer-oriented approach ensures that your business objectives are not only met but exceeded.
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Business value delivered

Over the past 5 years, our technology solutions have delivered exceptional success to our clients.


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“After the LIFT acquisition, the path forward for our digital architecture was not clear. The Rocket Partners team came in as true subject matter experts in custom enterprise cloud solutions and led our team through the decision-making process of how to leverage modern Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions in the most cost-effective manner.”

Todd IsaacsSr. Director of Loyalty, Digital & Payments
Case Studies

Latest success stories

Learn more about our client’s success stories and the strategies employed.
Custom Solution
Novel Customer Engagement

How do you create compelling interactions that wow your customers and maximize conversions?

Product Optimization
Monetizing Existing Assets

Learn how we found significant addition revenue opportunities through optimizing existing systems.

Project Management
Building your API stack

The rise of RESTful APIs has been met by a rise in tools for creating, testing, and managing them.